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LODr toolkit module allows to display the last items aggregated on a specified LODr server in a block.


This module requires Drupal 6.x and PHP 5.2.x (or newer), and the following modules:


  1. Download the tar file;
  2. Copy all the module files into a subdirectory called modules/lodr/ under your Drupal installation directory;
  3. Go to [Administer >> Site building >> Modules] and enable the LODr module;
  4. Go to [Administer >> Site building >> block] to put the block(s) in your site.


If you want a demonstration of this module, this website uses it.


Administration form to display a block with LODr toolkit


The last LODr items on a LODr server


The last LODr items for a tag on a LODr server


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