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Linking Open Data toolkit module allows to display the data of the LOD cloud in a node. For the moment, this module contains a filter which allows to display data about novelist or place from DBpedia (a RDF extraction of Wikipedia) and about artist or record from musicBrainz available on dbtune server.

This filter uses the following syntax : [lod artist|record|novelist|place $identifier]. For Dbpedia, $identifier is the identifier in english-speaking wikipedia, e.g. for [lod novelist Frank_Herbert] or for [lod place Paris]. For MusicBrainz, $identifier is the UUID identifier on Music Brainz website, e.g. for (Maurice Ravel) [lod artist 6fdd3b3e-1ea6-4da9-8d6f-8f8de01c133a] or for (Yellow submarine, Beattles) [lod record 98a627c2-190f-4bcc-a90c-459462dbf67b].


This module requires Drupal 6.x and PHP 5.2.x (or newer), and the following modules:


  1. Download the tar file;
  2. Copy all the module files into a subdirectory called modules/lod/ under your Drupal installation directory;
  3. Go to [Administer >> Site building >> Modules] and enable the LOD module;
  4. (Optional) Go to [Administer >> Site building >> Modules] and enable the gmap module;
  5. (Optional) Go to [Administer >> Site configuration >> GMap] and configure the module, in particular your google maps API key (it's free on;
  6. Go to [Administer >> Site configuration >> LOD toolkit settings] to choose the lang of data imported (english, french, german, spanish, italian available).
  7. Go to [Administer >> Site configuration >> filter] to add lod filter in a entry format.


An example with a novelist

[lod novelist Gustave_Flaubert]

An example with a place

[lod place The_Hague]

An example with an artist

[lod artist 6fdd3b3e-1ea6-4da9-8d6f-8f8de01c133a]

An example with a record

[lod record 98a627c2-190f-4bcc-a90c-459462dbf67b]

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